Have to work in Accountancy to get MAAT?

Siobhan Carmel
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Hi Folks

I have now received the Diploma Certificate - with which I am delighted.

The AAT has sent me some pamplets on 'Why not become a Member?'

This is an idea I would consider. However, I work in Administration - not Accountancy.

I understand you have to have at least one year's direct work in Accountancy before you can become a Member. Is this correct?

Also - Does anyone know if there is a deadline by which we must move into an accounting role - or is it open ended? eg get a job in accounts in 3 years time and then you can apply for the MAAT?




  • Rinske
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    Have a look at the detailed requirements of the work experience. You might find that you have some already, even though you don't work directly in the accounts department.

    I'm not sure about the deadline, but I think it used to be 3 years after you finished level 4. But I might be horribly wrong in that.
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