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I have reached 85 Email exchanges and 8 months but have still no idea due to the clowns at BPP if my Unit 10 project (which they have basically written for me) is up to scratch!

To say that I am thoroughly fed up is an understatement!

This unit has been a complete and utter waste of my precious time and money!

I am bemused by the fact that you are told to basically make some stuff up to complete the case study and for me complete AAT.

To cap it all I write various reports and strategies as part of my job so can do these kind of things standing on my head and yet when I requested to be able to write my own report based on experience I was told that someone had to authenticate it....I am then told because I am taking a case study to 'just make things up' which I have to be honest I do not want to do!

Lastly whilst blowing off some steam I looked at my notes from January and was predicated to finish in February....little did I know that might be 2012 and not 2011!!


thank you and good night!


  • katie2008
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    is there a local office you can go to, to confront them face to face,

    its harder to be ignored when you are standing face to face with someone - demand answers!

    ps: i thought you were only allowed 4 months?
  • Claire321
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    I have recently completed my Unit 10 with BPP (under the old standards), which yes did take several months and numberous email communications.

    I submitted my final report, mapping and various other completion documents required at the start of April. I have been informed that my interview will be August (which I am annoyed it couldn't have been sooner as I wanted to go on to CIMA and will likely be too late now).

    Did post your final report to BPP along with the completion documents required?

    What was you last communication with BPP regarding on this?
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