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I have passed Level 2 and and am close to completing Level 3 but am struggling to obtain a position in Accountancy. Some of the trainee roles I have gone for have had 100's of applications and it is really competitive. Anyone else in the same situation?


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    You are not the only one

    I have completed the AAT qualification 2 years ago. I have applied no of position unfortunately very few replied back to me that due to lake of experience they are unable to process my application any further. After long and careful consideration decided and completed AAT payroll qualification to enhance my job opportunity still no luck. The only good thing is that have achieved the qualification nothing else. Carry on applying and hope for the best nothing else we can do.

    I am really sorry but the current economy situation have made it worse for everyone. I hope this depressing climate will be over and new opportunities arise.

    Really sorry.
  • Monsoon
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    There are many folk in the same situation. We see a good mix of threads on here of people who, after ages of searching, have finally found a position, and also people like yourselves who still haven't found anything.

    All I can say is keep trying, try not to let it get you down, and good luck.
  • Kashcow
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    Yep I know. I have not given up, just got to keep trying. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew what a AAT Level 3 student average salary is.
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    ..doing what? Some level 3 students are in accounts roles, some not..? :)

    Becca x
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    My word of advice is to double check that your CV is top notch.

    I know it sounds basic but make sure all headings lined up correctly and spacing is consistent. If you are potentially competing against 100's of other applicants and the presentation of your CV is not good, then you stand a good chance of being rejected because you appear to lack attention to detail. The content of the CV could be fantastic but the employer may not even look that far.

    A client of my is advertising for a admin position.

    Some of the quality of CV's and covering letters which have been submitted are really poor in their presentation. The applicants are applying for an administrators role where Word will be extensively used and this is stated in the job ad, yet CV's are submitted where titles dont line up and the covering letter contains spelling mistakes etc. These CV's are instantly rejected as they are receiving hundreds of replies.

    Perhaps it might be worth getting a friend of family member who will be honest to give it a read through, you never know, they may be able to spot something.

    Good luck with your continued search and I positive that something will come along eventually.
  • Kashcow
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    My CV is fine I believe. Had it checked by 2 tutors who are both qualified accountants with years of experience. I have managed to get through to the initial interview stage then assessment center for a position at Deloitte.
    Quite recently I had a interview at a top 20 firm, but was unsuccessful apparently 'due to my level of competency in tests in comparison to other candidates' which were conducted. Quite different they were, write 3 essays with questions they gave, also a double entry bookkeeping test.
    I am hoping to secure a position by this year latest.
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