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Sat my FNST exam today and i can honestly say i know i have failed. It's so annoying waiting 6 weeks before getting results and then having to put in for your resit just wish i could do it now lol. The exam i found was so hard, after missing 1 day study as being on holiday unfortunatly this day was based on IAS! Which were all over the paper! I've spent the last 2 weeks studying all financial statements so i know them to a tee.

Oh well better look next time atleast i know what to study :(


  • sdv
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    Don't be too harsh on your self!

    The result might surprise you when it comes out
    Let's put things in perspective

    In section only 1 question out of 4/5 is on IAS and majority of students struggle with IAS any way. You need to ask yourself " can I get 70% without the IAS question?"

    the answer is likely to be YES

    In section 2 two out of three questions in ratio analysis and application of ratio analysis. Majority of students fail on these questions. How did you don on these questions?

    I am sure you will surprise your self

    good luck with your results in 6 weeks time
  • Dsindle
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    Soooo glad im not the only one which felt like that! I knew i had failed within 1/2 an hour as my adjustments and IAS questions were really random and nothing like id seen in any practice papers!!

    My results are due any day now but ive rang round all the centres to get their avaliability for re sits already! Unless that is by some miracle ive actually managed to pass.......very doubtfull....

    Good luck with your results and try to forget for the next few weeks x
  • nonmugglesue
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    You are not alone FNST is quite a hard paper to pass, but stay positive :)
  • xlickle_cutiex
    xlickle_cutiex Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸
    I will need a miracle to of passed lol
    Just trying to forgot about it for a few weeks now try and relax its just annoying as its my last exam to pass level 4, but i felt very prepared when i entered the exam but when i started i felt like i hadnt learned anything.

    Just a waiting game i supose
  • Dsindle
    Dsindle Registered Posts: 39 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hope your result is better than mine, i failed :-( But i expected that so it wasnt a shock! Like you its my last level 4 exam, so its very frustraiting, but ive booked my resit for 2 weeks time and am going to crack it this time!!
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