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Managed to get a last minute Business tax exam resit next week. I've already failed it twice has anyone any tips or areas to concentrate on. I last re-did it at the end of May so i'm about 70% confident i just need to get myself passed and over the line



  • zara5034
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    Hi There

    I had the BPP question bank book and found that great as it covered everything, it also had 5 practice assessments in it, which were all very similar to the real exam. I have yet to find out if I have passed though!

    As for the areas to concentrate on, the Capital allowances was a big question, I was merrily calculating figures when I realised it was a 10 month accounting period so had to recalculate them all!

    Basis periods, shares, capital allowances and adjusted profits are the other major areas, however, anything from the whole syllabus may come up, I also had a question on fines and deadlines.

    Best of luck for your next attempt
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