Forbes Absolute Accountancy software

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Apologies if this has already been covered but my search doens't come up with anything but it doesn't seem to come up with anything when I search for stuff I know to be there.

anyway the question

I know VT+, BTC and moneysoft are all highly rated both on here and on Accountancy web site and both look good so far but I wondered if anyone has had experience with Absolute as its relatively new there's not much about it. I have downloaded a trial but wondered if any of you guys had a view of it.
It has everything in one place SA, CT, Payroll (although this semms to be limited to 25), accounts production, also has a CRM and client database. Its also unlimited no of clients.

The CRM piece as in a contact manager piece is really useful to me but to be honest would probably use a Saas offering if I could, so not to fussed about having that in an accounts software piece although saves retyping everthing or doing an export/import.

I like the idea of an integrated solution but don't want to compromise on functionality so would welcome anyonces comments on it

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