Budgeting Passed wooo !

ms sadat
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I got my result today after 5weeks and 2days for budgeting and passed .to be honest budgeting was the only unit i found it easy in level 4 and when i sat the exam i was 99% confident and i knew i did well .anyways still waiting for my DFS result which i had it on the 15th on july which i am not sure if i pass that one .


  • Jo Clark
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    Congratulations ms sadat

    Fingers crossed for your FNST results!

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  • babsa
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    I have also found out today that I have passed my budgeting exam, 5 weeks and 5 days after sitting. I now have completed level 4.
    Good Luck with the rest.
  • Daz1865
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    Congratulations the pair of you :-)

    I took my exam today, I was quite annoyed at the phrasing of some of the wordy questions. It wasn't really that clear what they were asking! I kind of just rambled on and put all the relevant points I could think, I hope there is enough there to decipher marks out of.

    I found the rest of it ok, in line with the practice CBAs, but I'm not sure if I've passed
  • wannabebean
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    How do the AAT actually give you the results for level 4? Do they arrive via post? Email? Telephone? Are they direct from the AAT or from your Learning Provider?
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