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As you all probably know by now I am one of the AAT representatives on consultation panels run by HMRC and we give up our time to make sure the views and voices of AAT members are heard by the government when changes are being considered.

We want to hear about your views and comments on things that are happening to us on a day to day basis and we are very grateful to those of you who have answered calls on subjects like end of year returns and the recent consultation on Real Time Information, but we need more!

May I ask that you go to the HMRC website and access the current consultations at and have a look at the many papers in circulation. We need you to pick on ones that matter most to you, it may be the one on VAT cost Sharing exemption, Relief for Income Tax losses, Integration of the operation of tax and NIC's, Tax agents - dishonest conduct, Establishing the future relationship between agents and HMRC or even the proposed Removal of 36 tax reliefs on 6 April 2012.

Even if you do not have any views or comments let Member Services know you have read the documents so that we know we are representing you as a member.

With so many members we ought to be able to drown out everyone else.

Ian Whyteside
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