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Just completing a set of Ltd Company accounts and the directors have paid off some of the directors loan and I wish to reclaim the tax paid. Do I need to complete a paper CT600A or can this be done online?

Have looked at the CT600 online and just a bit confused. There was an opening balance b/f, but no loan made during the period, just the amount paid back which I don't think I can do online.

Many thanks



  • Monsoon
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    Do you mean HMRC's online CT600? I've never used it so can't comment, but the repayment is section 3 of the CT600a, it looks like you're looking at part 1. Try leaving that bit blank and tabbing through to see if you can get to the right section?
  • Dottie
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    That's the problem, I can't find the right boxes to tick to get to part 3. I think it has to be filed on paper.
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    The loan itself is declared on supplement Ct600A however the request for repayment is usually done by letter.
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