Pegasus payslips

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One of my clients has, as part of a bankruptcy purchase, taken ownership of four reams(all boxed) of Pegasus payslips. As I only use Sage, these are no good to me. If anyone has a use for them please let me know! Thank you.


  • zara5034
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    Have you checked that they are not compatible with Sage? Incidentally, do they have a code on them? 12pay is very good and will do several formats that are compatible with sage and other software payslips, so they may suit someone that uses that.
  • Sue
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    If they are Pegasus 220 Mailer MS29 payslips, they are also compatible with Moneysoft Payroll Manager.
  • babsa
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    How much do you want for them, I use Moneysoft Payroll Manager if they are the 220 Mailer I could be interested.
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