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AAT Website on your mobile?

jenny3549jenny3549 Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 472
Was wondering if any lovely people would be able to help a luddite?

I have finally given in and got a smartphone (HTC Wildfire). I know a lot of people seem to be able to use the internet on their mobiles without any problems at all so I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong.

If I bring up the AAT website on mine everything is tiny and completely impossible to read - is this how it always is? I checked the settings in my phone and enabled the thing about mobile versions of websites so the BBC for example is perfectly readable.

Is it just a case of the AAT not having a mobile version??

If anyone can help I'd be very grateful - I don't know any teenagers otherwise I'd have asked them - I think I'm now at that age where technology is bypassing me!!!


  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071
    jenny3549 wrote: »
    Is it just a case of the AAT not having a mobile version??
    Quite possibly.

    AFAIK all mobile browsers will default to the mobile site if there is one available.
  • Claire321Claire321 Well-Known Registered Posts: 209
    Is there a button on the side of the phone which makes the text bigger if you press it?
  • Sulew17Sulew17 Well-Known Registered Posts: 174
    Hi Jenny3549. I've also got the HTC Wildfire and have the same problem! Don't know if it's the phone or the website as I have the same problem with several other sites! Sorry I can't be of any help but if you find the answer please let me know! Su
  • jenny3549jenny3549 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 472
    Thanks Monsoon, I suppose I thought that the AAT would be a bit like the BBC website!!!

    Claire, unfortunately the only button on the side is my ringer volume - but I did ding it a few times just in case.

    Sue, don't know if this is the answer but fiddling round again I've just discovered that I can expand what I'm looking at by pinching it - like you do with a photo. Still not sure this is the best way but it's a start!!!
  • slackdaslackda Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 460
    hey Jenny,

    Monsoon is Spot on if No "mobile Version" of Site exisits then you get std Version, like you were on a PC, you can either double tap and it will zoom or Pinch to zoom on andrioid (wildfire os) :D
  • Sulew17Sulew17 Well-Known Registered Posts: 174
    Thanks Jenny & Slackda will try that!
  • jenny3549jenny3549 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 472
    Thanks Slackda!

    The pinching to zoom seems to work ok so I can now have the AAT on the move!
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