oh confused one
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To complete the Technician level you need to complete 5 core units and 2 optional units.

It says the above on my achievement page - isn't this wrong? I took PCR PEV DFS did my project and also did BUS TAX and PERS TAX as my options. I am only waiting for PEV results to be passed - why now does it say it is FIVE core units and TWO optional ones. I am really confused now - btw I am talking about old system 2003 paper based exams


  • uknitty
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    I believe that FNST exam covers two "units" (principles of drafting financial statements and drafting financial statements)

    So 3 exams and 1 project cover 5 units

    Hope that helps, and congratulations on completing all your units :)
  • Woooof
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    Healthy, safe & productive working environment is your 5th unit, this has usually been completed at previous levels.
  • babsa
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    The units are Financial Statements, Financial Performance and Budgeting, 2 optional units and the ICAS Project.
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