One month delay because new books not out yet, grr

Hi all

I'm ready to study for my first level 3 paper but BPP are still selling a version of the textbook which is for exams taken before the end of August. They don't actually have any exam slots before the end of August even if I wanted to rush it so all I can do is wait a month without being able to get on with my studies. The next version won't be on sale until September.

Can anyone recommend any other books? I've had a bad experience with Kaplan so wouldn't go for them and I'm just buying textbooks and teaching myself, not doing classes.

I'm a little impatient and don't want to lose a month!


  • deborahcarpenter
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    Try Osbourne Books. I have used them all through Level2, 3 & 4 and found them really helpful.
  • Sharleen
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    Great thank you, I will give those ones a try.
  • uknitty
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    You can buy the Osborne books direct from their website, and I think that is where you will get the cheapest price.

    It also tells you on their website exactly what the changes are in the text from last year to this which is handy to know.

    From looking at the notes as to what has been updated in the new editions, I don't think there have been any sweeping changes to the content from last year to this, but the books are all having to be reprinted because from 1st September AAT are using the VAT rate at 20% in their exams.
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    I was told to go ahead using the BPP books 'for exams up to 31st August 2011' because there will only be minor stylistic changes not actual topic changes in the newer ones.. I am not doing my exam until Sept but will be studying from the BPP pre Aug 11 book.

    B x
  • janwal
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    I have received some of the BPP books yesterday for the new exams and told the others will be ready on 11th July except Ethics which will be ready 12th Sept.
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