Does it matter Where the business from in the UK?

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Hello SuperMAATs,

Thank you for your time reading my stupid question but what can i do. I am curious about something and I must know the answer.

Do Northern Ireland, Wales & Scotland have different rules on VAT and Accounts & Submissions? All of our clients are based on England…

Any information would help me..

I am sorry if I sound like a BIG stupid but please answer my question…and kindly don’t be rude.

Thank you.


  • Monsoon
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    There are 3 different legal jurisdictions in the UK: England & Wales, Scotland, and NI. This is why you will sometimes see that Scottish law differs from England & Wales.

    To the best of my knowledge, the tax rules are the same across the UK in terms of HMRC. I know that Companies House in Scotland do have slightly different rules (such as the Registered Office has to be in Scotland)
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