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Im currently studying with the Kaplan books and now its getting closer to the exam just doing all of the questions from the back of the book. However they are completely different from the aat exam papers online! I dont know which is more use there seems to be a lot of stuff in the kaplan books that doesnt seem to be touched in any of the online papers. the books seem very focused on long worded 10-15 minute questions and less like the papers online.

Is there anyone who has done the exam and finds either the books or the aat online papers more reliable and representative of what to expect from the actual exam.

Many Thanks


  • sarah n
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    Hi, I did budgeting a few motnhs ago and based my revision purely on the aat practice online paper as the questions are almost exactly the same. They are short and straightforward maths questions and are much much easie than the old written exam paper exams and the questions in the book. The written questions were pretty straightforward too. Hope that helps. (Ps. I passed budgeting first time too!)
  • zhulme
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    Thanks for that, its a great help, i did think there was a huge difference in what was being asked between the workbooks and the papers but thats made me a bit more confidant anyway.
    Well done on passing btw this will be my first Level 4 exam
  • katie2008
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    Good luck, have you tried the practice cbe on the site first??
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