Any Feedback about CompaniesHouse Company formation service?

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I haven't done company formation through businesslink website before. Link is given below:

I am sure some of you have already done this. This seems really good price. How is the service?

Please give some idea about it from your experience.



  • stefanboro
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    I used to work in a practise where we used the various companies formations websites. They charged around £100 + I think and we made no money from company formation. The reason? The chartered accountant, quite young like me, was too scared to try the companies house own version.

    I've used it and it's basically the same. Really easy, step by step, very clear. Let me know if you need any guidance.
  • Rinske
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    I'm sure this subject has come up before in a different way, so did a quick search and found the following threads:

    I know they don't specifically mention any feedback, but they might be of interest to you.
  • Monsoon
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    I've not used it. I use Companies Made Simple which is fractionally cheaper for the basic package. I've been using them for years so haven't felt the need to look at the CoHo offering.
  • Dottie
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    I have used it once and found it very easy to use. The only problem I did have was that I could not print out the incorporation certificate attached to the confirmation email they sent. I had to log in a couple of days later and then print it.

    I would definitely use it again.

  • MoneySavingBank
    MoneySavingBank Registered Posts: 143 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Anybody else has got any feedback? specially about the certificate

    Thank you for your reply here. It sounds really good and cheap too.

    The only problem now about the certificate... I need to do the same day registration and send it off to the cleint... especially Inc. Certificate.

  • Dottie
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    The confirmation email came the same day. The incorporation certificate was attached to the email, but I just couldn't open it. Co House said it was due to the software I was using (?). Who knows!

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