Business tax results

oli Registered Posts: 88 Regular contributor ⭐
Just found out I passed the business tax exam, 5 weeks and 4 days, it seems to be getting a little quicker as I received results for my financial performance exam after 5 weeks.

Anyone else sat business tax and either got or awaiting results?


  • zara5034
    zara5034 Registered Posts: 170 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Well Done!

    I've got another week or 2 to wait until I get my results for Company tax and Budgeting!
  • lyndseywood87
    lyndseywood87 Registered Posts: 47 Epic contributor 🐘

    I took my Financial Performance on 23.06.11 and passed last Thursday, my Financial Statements on 30.06.11 and passed today. I also took External Audit on 07.07.11 and I am still awaiting the results of this one! Im so excited already!

    Lyndsey x
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