Office Junior role - Rainham, Essex - looking for a job?

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I'm unsure whether I'm allowed to post this here, (apologies if not - feel free to delete) - however I have a role for an AAT studier:

Office Junior, £18,000 - Rainham, Essex (easily accessible via c2c main line trains or buses)
2 Partner practice
AAT studying (study support is offered)

This is an ideal role for someone looking to gain credible experience (and some money) while studying for their exams. Work experience as office admin/ junior accountant is definitely advantageous.

Please call Chris on 020 7520 5961 if you would like to hear more.


  • taskey
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    what a brill opportunity for someone, i hope you find the right person.

  • Louise89
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    Ahhh, if only I lived Essex way and not SW London. I'm an assistant accountant with a company in industry and I don't earn that much! :(
  • kate86
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    Hi Chris,

    As it's a weekend assuming it's probably best not to call the number so hoping you see this message - is this position still available?

    Please PM me if so - I am just about to start Level 3 having completed Level 2 and have been working in admin for over 4 years now but sadly only minimal accounting involvement is available at my current role.

    Hoping to hear from you.
  • uknitty
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    Chris there is also an AAT facebook page. For some reason that seems to get much more traffic than the main AAT forums. It would probably be worthwhile also posting your specs there.
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