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Hi All, I have now completed all off the Technician level exams but still awaiting my project to come back. Is anyone else in the same situation as me???? My project was first submitted back in April and I am finding it so frustrating that I am not getting any response on this. Just keep getting it is with the assesor. Is anyone else in this situation???? Oh good new thou I passed the PEV today!!!!!


  • babsa
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    Well done on passing.
    I would check with you college tutor.
    once you have uploaded your project your college tutor as got to do something and them it get send off to AAT.
    I did mine on 15th June, college tutor did her bit and 2 weeks, send it through in the morning and by the afternoon it said competent.
  • Shell1
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    Thanks Babsa,
    I am studying at home but going through Kplan. They emailed me again yesterday saying still not back from acessor. I have told them my concerns about the deadline being the end of August and it is not giving me alot of time to change anything if it needs amending but still no joy. I have got to the point now that it is upsetting me and I am now thinking I could fail this level and all because of something that is out of my control.
  • Rinske
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    Before you worry too much.

    You would not fail a level, you would probably just have to redo the project, but that's about it. Once you swap over to the new standards, I doubt you would have to resit many other units, if this is the only unit left outstanding!
  • susiewong
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    Hi Shell1, I have completed my project as ICAS not unit 10 so uploaded it direct to the AAT website. I really needed a quick response as I wanted to sign up for CIMA before the end of July, I was also with Kaplan Distance Learning and dealt with the Leeds office. If you deal with the same office I have the name of an employee who really helped me and got the project turned around very fast.

  • guinea pig
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    Hi Shell,
    Have you had your project back now?
    I uploaded mine last Tuesday, 16th, and my tutor e-mailed me today to confirm that it had come back competent.
    Good luck,
  • Shell1
    Shell1 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Hi Guinea Pig, Nothing, Getting so mad with Kaplan now. They are not telling me anything and now I think I have failed my technican level just because they have not acted in time. So stressed!!!!!!!
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