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Hi, I'm starting Level 3 in September but want to take a payroll course as well. I'm not sure which one is best to take but am leaning towards IAB. Does anyone have any suggestions or advise for me on this subject? Thanks. Su


  • babsa
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    AAT are stopping doing their payroll level but you can have a look at The Chartered institute of payroll professionals.
  • Sulew17
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    Thanks Babsa.
  • Sean72
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    Hi Su

    I completed my Payroll Management qualification with ICB (through Training Link) and have to admit I found their course content and pass rates higher than IAB's which may put some people off. However, the course was well worth the effort. I completed mine in about a year but that was because I had to take some time out to focus on work issues!!

    Hope this helps.
  • Sulew17
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    Thanks Sean, I'll take a look at that.
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