Community Interest Companies (CIC)

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Hello, I wonder if someone can help me. We have a CIC company as a client. It has a Companies House registration number and acts as a not-for-profit, limited by guarantee company under the CIC rules. I am happy with the CH filing requirements, my query is around the HMRC approach.
Normally when a company is formed, HMRC issue a CT41G form. In the case of this CIC, nothing has been received from HMRC at all and when I contacted their local office, nobody seemed to know about CIC's - very helpful. The chap I spoke to suggested that we write to them (HMRC) with some details about the not for profit activities with a view to the company not being required to submit CT returns, but he wasn't really sure!
Does anyone else have any experience of CICs and the HMRC requirements - any information would be glady received!


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    I have a few CICs on my books. All were issued with a CT41G as normal.

    If the CIC has a trade then it will have taxable income to declare - many do.

    I hate the phrase 'non-profit-making' for social enterprises. It should really be 'non-profit-distributing'.

    Each company is of course different.
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