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Are there any users of PTP software packages that could advise if this is a decent purchase?

I have been looking on the website and for what you pay (on a 'buy what you need basis') this seems like a fantastic package. I would probably mainly be interested in accounts prod, PTAX and CTAX.

It looks similar to the IRIS suite (which I use in work, and quite enjoy). But I would imagine this is a very much watered down version. I have yet to trial it but if someone who uses it could advise on the practicalities and limitations of it I would really appreciate it.



  • Bluewednesday
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    I use all 3 products that you mentioned.

    I came from PTP to accounts production but from what I have been told it's very similar to Iris.

    It took me a little while to get to use it all properly but you may not have that problem coming from Iris anyway.

    I have no problems with it at all and any small issues have been ironed out with the excellent customer support.
  • burg
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    I was used to Iris from practice and moved onto PTP for my own practice. Accounts production was differnt back then but is now pretty much Iris from what I can see from their demos. I moved away as there pricing was limiting if you had an increase in client numbers as they would charge a full year no matter when you upgraded (this may have changed).

    I have since moved on to use Digita which I am very happy with and is similar in many ways to Iris. At present the accounts production is a little slow for iXBRL accounts but this is apparently being sorted by the end of August.

    As a start up most recommend VT Final Accounts but personally I found it clumsy and awkward coming from an Iris background and I found it time consuming. Even though I use VTT+ for bookkeeping clients in my recent trial my accounts wouldn't balance even though the TB did and all N/C's were allocated. Saying all this most have no problem and for the price it is a fantastic product.

  • dantray
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    Thank you for your advice.

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