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Job review coming up - any advice?

olioli Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 88
Hi there,

I've got a job review coming up next week which gives me a chance to prepare, I have wrote down my good and bad points, areas I need training/additional training on, questions such as how is the company expanding, suggested a new computer as the one we use for tax is very slow.

Does anybody have any more things I could include?

Advice would be much appreciated


  • DcollinsDcollins Well-Known Registered Posts: 179

    Sorry, I'm not swearing at you - honest. Businessballs is a website with stacks of free learning resources for personal and professional development.

    Most of the info on this page http://www.businessballs.com/performanceappraisals.htm is for the manager giving the appraisal, but if you scroll right down to the bottom there's a little advice for you.

    Hope that helps.
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