Pdf - qcf budgeting study notes

anniebabe Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 595
Does anyone need a copy of the PDF - Kaplan QCF Budgeting Study notes?
and/or BPP pdf notes before I delete them off my computer
Inbox me with your email address.



  • uknitty
    uknitty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 591
    I've just started the budgeting unit, so any study resources that are going would be much appreciated ! I've sent you a PM

    Ta :)
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 595
    no probs - sent it
  • jenny3549
    jenny3549 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 472
    Hey Anne,

    Think I've just sent you a message - not very good at the tec stuff as can only just about manage the forum! It's been so long since I used that part and when I looked at it the last message was from you!


  • lyndseywood87
    lyndseywood87 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 47
    Hey, I am about to start budgetting in Sept if you still have these I would like to ask for a copy if possible. I will email you over my address if these are still available.

    Thanks a lot

  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 595
    hi Lyndsey
    pm me your email address and i send them to you.
  • flower
    flower Well-Known Registered Posts: 160
    If not too late I would like a copy.

  • janwal
    janwal Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,189
    Hi Annie

    Have pm you my details


  • moneybags
    moneybags New Member Registered Posts: 5
    Study notes

    I'll try to send you a pm - not very good with the workings of the forums, but thank you.
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