Need a job in Manchester

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Hi all
I am new to this forum and posting a thread here first time if there is error please ignore.
I have completed my AAT level 3 and going to start level 4 in September . In my summer holidays I have been looking for any accounting job but had no good luck as everyone want an experienced employees.

I am wondering if nobody give us any job how we can gain our experience AAT does`nt help to gain any experience.

I don`t even know about how to get any voluntary work in Accounting.

Please let me know if anyone got any vacancy.



  • Sulew17
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    For voluntary workl try:

    They seem to have a lot of accounting roles on there. A few people from my college course went through them and got placements. Also, I've been told that Oxfam are always crying out for accounting volunteers - if you've got a local Oxfam shop why not pop in and ask? Good luck.
  • nida
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