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Hi Guys,

I'm hoping somebody might be able to help me out on a tax issue.

A bloke I know became self employed as a civil engineer in March 2011, but worked for somebody for the final month of the tax year. The money he rec'd was less a 20% deduction by the guy he worked for.

A costruction industry payment / deduction statement has been completed by the guy he was working for to show this deduction and the supplementary short form has also been completed by the bloke who is self employed.

Does a 2010-11 self assessment form also need to be completed? Will HMRC calculate what the NI should be on the basis of the information and send a payment request for this?
Would any van / car expenses be allowable?

Thanks for your help.



  • Matt444
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    Sorry - 1 more question

    Would he need to disclose his P60 form for the time he was employed (April 2010 to Feb 11) when he files his return?

    Thanks again
  • Anne Boleyn
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    Tax return

    Hi Matt444

    The supplementary pages are just that, supplementary to the main return, so yes the main body of the tax return will also need completing.

    The tax return is a complete picture of the taxpayers various sourcse of taxable income. So all types of income will need to be included. If there is a P45/P60 for an employment then this goes on the employment supplementary pages (SA102), then a separate set of pages for each self employment (SA103S/F). Don't forget to also include the CIS tax already paid on the return.

    Hope this helps.
  • Matt444
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    Thanks Anne, thats a great help.

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