Sage query - rect's paid by client's money

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Does anyone know how I deal with client's paying for business expenses out of their own personal money? I have entered all the business expenses that have gone out of their business bank account but I don't know how to enter the receipts I have (that do not appear on their bank statement) on Sage.

Many thanks.


  • Monsoon
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    You set up Sage so it reflects exactly what happened in real life.

    The simplest thing to do is set up a new bank account in Sage called "Personal bank" and pay those items out of that. Because that's what happened :)

    Then do a Bank Receipt from owners drawings to bring that bank account back to zero.

    The caveat to that if the personal funds come from a variety of sources (cash, credit cards, more than one personal bank account, their spouse's money) then I would still only use the one account in Sage. And no need to reconcile either (because otherwise you'd be entering loads of irrelevant transactions).
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