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Hi, im guessing a few people might be in the same situation. i have passed all my exams and my project is now showing as passed too. i submitted my work experience a few months back and everyone has approved it. i also filled in the application to become a full AAT memeber in July and there is a tick next to every step. when do i become MAAT status? i received a letter in the post today from the AAT saying my fees are due for renewal but it is a studen membership fee...

any help would be great!



  • Henry
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    Hi Wonkeydonkey,
    I recently got my MAAT stutus as well and was faced with a similar situation. I received my final results on 10 August but my student membership fee was due for renewal from 1August. Of course given that I completed all my exams etc I would no longer need to maintain student membership. So what the AAT have done is to say that if you are applying for MAAT all you need to do is pay the student membership fee plus a discounted admission fee (total of £99) and this will grant you your MAAT status. When your membership fee is due for renewal next year you will pay the full rate (unless you qualify for special discount that is).

    So as soon as you pay your fees you should get your MAAT status. If you log into your MyAAT and check the Fee balance it should be around £99.00 (25+74) in total given that you have already submitted your application for membership and everything has been verified.
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