Budgeting exam tomorrow!

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Hi guys,

Hvae got my budgeting CBA tomorrow, my first level 4 exam, fingers crossed it goes well! I'm feeling ok about it, had a go at the practise CBA's a few times and also printed off the old standard past papers and had a go at them aswell because they are pretty similar to new standards and plus there's loads on there so plenty of practise. Only bit I'm not so keen on is the wordy questions. Cannot afford to fail as Kaplan have increased their CBA fees to £50, I only enrolled with them mid July and when I asked them at the time I was told that it was £35 for a CBA but there is now a £15 admin fee aswell. Not too keen on the 6-week wait for results either, Level 3 was fab because you got results straight away. Shall let you know how I get on, will be starting with Financial Performances next as seems quite similar to Budgeting, am I right?


  • jenny3549
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    Good luck for tomorrow!

    I haven't done budgeting or financial performance next (got my financial statements CBA on the 5th) but the advice I was given by the lovely people on here was to do budgeting first and then fin. performance after as they link very well.

    Will keep fingers crossed for you.

  • penelope2809
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    Good luck for tomorrow, if you have practised the on-line ones you will be fine. The CBA is very, very similar to those and the 'wordy' questions weren't that bad either, just think of the favourable and adverse and why these have happened and apply them to your answers.
  • adiba
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    Had the exam this afternoon, went quite well I think, fingers crossed for the results!
  • oli
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    Hi adiba,

    I am sure you have done well with budgeting and let us all know when you get your result.

    I would advise doing financial performance next as budgeting and FP link into each other, I found that financial performance was a bit more difficult than budgeting, also on the CBA both 2.1 and 2.2 are written reports spilt into paragraphs for each result that you have to report on, I found that bit quite ok as I enjoy reporting on the results.

    Also good luck with level 4 :-)
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