AAT Qualified Roles???

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I will shortly be a fully qualified AAT technician and have 2 years accounts assistant experience. I am wanting to progress and am very bored with the whole general purchase ledger invoicing, and payments. I do have a bit of experience in monthly end reports, arruals and EC sales but dont know what position would be best to apply for position wise.
The only roles that seem to be available are accounts assistant and then the large step up to assistant management accounts!!

I was wondering if anyone had been in the same position and knew which type of accounts titles would be available after AAT completion and with the 2 yr experience??

Many Thanks :)


  • melb2902
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    Is there no chance that the company you are currently working for can adjust your current workload to some more challenging aspects? Perhaps if you speak to them and see what they can offer?

    Maybe if you also speak with an agency they will look out for the type of role you are looking for. I have my CV on totaljobs the website and constantly get calls from agencies asking if I am currently in work. You can pop on there what it is your lookin for.

    I appreciate at times how frustrating it can be when you have the ability but not enough challenging work to motivate you. I think most people have been there at one time or another - not just accounts. Good luck - I hope something comes up for you.
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    Hi zhulme,

    I am in the same position as you, just became AAT qualified and looking for roles, have 2 and a half years accounts experience. The kind of roles I could suggest you apply for are assistant accountant/assistant management accountant, the only problem at the moment is that most of these roles require either ACCA/CIMA part qualified as well as AAT, at least the ones I have seen.

    I would definately take melb2902's advice and put your CV onto jobsites and also agencies so that they can contact you if any jobs that you are looking for come along.

    Hope this helps :-)
  • zhulme
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. No im afraid theres no way thats going to happen either. im already deathly bored with the work i have at the moment and spend a good 5 hours a day doing nothing. Im not proud of it management know and i have requested more work on several occasions but noone is willing to give any work up, which is well tbh a very poor use of resources but hey its only a temp role so i dont have to put up with it forever. its still making me highly frustrated though.
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