MAAT - All exams passed, all 4 steps of application completed

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I apologise if i am repeating a previous thread, but the recent ones re MAAT i have checked do not seem to give the specific answer i need.

I have recently passed all the exams and also had my project confirmed as competent per my Learnplus link and Statement of Achievement. I have also had all four steps of my MAAT application confirmed including Step 4 - Pay your application fees.

Re the application fees, i used the option to complete my online application, submit my work experience and nominate my professional referree in advance as to not need to pay the application fee, as stated on the membership link. (Using there provisional membership option).

My question is: now i have had everything confirmed, and 'ticked', when will the AAT actually advise me properly (by way of letter for example) that i have completed everything and am okay to use MAAT. Has anyone else recently qualified and completed their application and received the 'ticks' next to each step, have you received a letter? Also, if you have, did you have to do anything following this?

My student membership runs out in October so that has a few months to go, but when i have to pay Full membership rates i want to apply for the reduced fee because i will be at uni full time by then.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, and also congrats to all others who have recently completed exams/passed the AAT.



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    I have received a certificate to say I am a full member. I believe once everything as been confirmed you get elected to full member. I know there was one at the beginning of August. It maybe that they only have one a month and the next one is September. (I don't know) I would give them a call and ask.
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    I filled in my online application for full membership.
    My professional referree was sent an email to confirm and within 48 hours of him replying to confirm everything i received an email saying that i am now a full member.
    They said that my certificate will follow in the post but i am allowed to use the letters MAAT.

    If you do have any questions though i would give them a ring as they are always very helpful!

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    JBD I was waiting for Unit 33 exam result from June which I passed and my Unit10 which was signed off on August 08th.

    Unit 33 exam was updated to my SoE immediately and yesterday I received an E-mail from AAT stating I had had my Unit10 approved and therefore was fully qualified and able to use MAAT.

    Certificate to follow usually within 2 weeks.

    Like you I have completed all the steps online and my mentor had signed off and sent back all my bits and pieces via e-mail when requested.

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    when i signed into myaat it says my name and MAAT after it, nice to see it in black and white. i then got my certificates through the post.

  • JBD
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    Thanks guys, finally got the email verifying it now. Now just awaiting the certificate. =]
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