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Hi Everyone,

I'm intending to start studying for Level 4 in September. I notice Kaplan do a Distance Learning and an Online option for study. Does anyone know what the differences are and the pros and cons of each option?




  • Richard
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    Hi Robert,

    I've no experience of using Kaplan, but I have used Distance Learning and Online Learning with BPP for my ACCA studies.

    With Distance Learning, I was just expected to sit and read a text book, which was pretty hard going. There was guidance in a separate booklet outlining which chapters/sections were more important, etc.

    Online Learning is much closer to receiving the level of tuition you would have if you attended classes. They still supply the text book, but you also get a condensed version of the notes which they use in the online lectures. You only refer to the text book if you want further clarification on a particular area of study.

    Closer to the exam sittings, there is also a revision stage where they teach exam technique, and provide online debriefs of actual past papers.

    I would really recommend the online learning as it takes away some of the boredom of just sitting and reading text books. Also, hearing someone explain something, and use examples in the lectures, has helped my understanding of the subjects.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
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    hello Robert,

    I completed my L3 with my local Kaplan in a classroom based, started L4 in June, via Kaplan live online, so far so good, i have not seen much difference, live online: is a virtual classroom, being in a classroom but via web(hope i am making sense here) then all lessons are recorded and could be listenned to anytime if you need.

    I am yet to sit my 1st exam(CRMC) early next month.
    Speak to Kaplan if you need more infos.

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