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Hello all,

A question for both new and established MIPs, what networking do you do, what's most effective and what do you like best? Now that I have got myself up and running properly and have a client or two I want to expand and am looking into what networking methods will work best for me. I have so far used my personal network - ie the people I already knew!, have used some small scale local advertising, I am on LinkedIn and use Twitter for business.

I'm after other peoples thought, experiences and advice please! And what doesn't work as well of course!

Do you use any of the following (or other) online networking?

Do you do any offline networking?
Business breakfasts?
Speed networking?
Trade shows?
Groups such as 4Networking or BNI?

Anything else?

I'm interested because it will help my business and because of a conversation I had with a friend who said "no point networking, it's dead - you've got to use SEO and Google"

Looking forward to any insights people might have! :)



  • paulstafford
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    I am a member of a BNI chapter


    Google ads.

    So far, both have been effective.

    I am dabbling with twitter and have a linked in profile.
  • burg
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    Have done a few:-


    Not tried in full swing - done a couple of business breakfasts as trials found them to be full of larger businesses and to be unsuccessful in terms of developing new business
    Recently done a few local paper adverts - will see how these develop


    Have done forums but not as a way of new business but has got one or two new clients
    Tried Linked In but frankly I don't get it!
    Tried Twitter but nothing from there either
    Tried Facebook recently and think it may take sometime to grow and show some return if any
    Tried Yahoo ads but there simply isn't the traffic
    Tried Freeindex - apparently gets traffic but I'm not so sure as my analytic data doesn't agree
    Tried Google adwords - this works very well and is where I out most of my money, time and effort.

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