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Hi all,

Can someone please clarify the requirements for this unit at level 4 (its an optional one)..

Some people are saying 2 exams plus a project, and some are saying 1 exam plus a e project like my icas one....

Any ideas guys?



  • GreenMousey
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    CRMC consists of an exam and an e-project (Exam conditions) The exam is an hour and multiple choice, the e-project is something you download and do in exam conditions, think you have two hours for this. You get an instant result for the multiple choice exam and the e-project is uploaded and your training provider marks this (It's more of an old style simulation in computer/word format)

    If you look at the practice CBA's in your MYAAT section on the site it shows you examples of them both.

    Good luck!
  • katie2008
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    Thanks GreenMousey,

    I am not starting that unit until October, as I am going on holiday for three weeks on thursday.


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