HELP, still have PEV to do but wish to start CIMA

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I hope someone can help, I want to start CIMA in September and have my PEV exam to do, basically we had a problem at college last year and our exam was not carried out under exam conditions and all but two of our class failed this exam, we complained and the college agreed that they would pay for us all to resit this exam. Fine but as we had another two exams to complete we said we would resit in September. I approached the course leader for CIMA in June to ask about starting and he said as long as I had passed my exam before December then I could start CIMA, fine I can do that. So I went to enrol tonight only to be told that the exam I need to resit is to take place next Tuesday, there is no way I can prepare for this exam, I have the auditors in at work next week for our year end so i am snowed under as it is. I have asked when the exams will take place next and they have told me December, which will not give me enough time to be allowed to start Cima. I am so annoyed, nobody has contacted me at all to tell me when the resits are and I have been in touch with my tutors throughout the summer. So after my lenghtly moan does anyone know if I can sit my exam anywhere else in the northeast before November??? I really need to start as I have been offered a promotion at work which depends on me starting this qualification. Please Help??

Thanks in advance


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    Where abouts in the UK are you ? Is there a centre other than your college nearby that would let you sit the exam as an external student at a time that is more convenient for you ?

    It may be a bit of a battle, but you could try to get your college to reimburse you for sitting the exam at another centre ?

    I'd put it to them that by paying for your resit you will be able to enrol for another years worth of study at their college, and the money that you are looking to spend on this (and the rest of the course) will far outstrip the cost of the resit which they promised to pay for anyway....
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