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Free to anyone, Unit 11 Kaplan textbook 2009/2010 and Osborne Unit 10 textbook 2009.

Both are used but are handy for reference, I'm giving them away as they are a few years old


  • kelly2011
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    free books

    Are these for Level 3? If so, may I have them?

  • Sailorgirl
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    I expect these books have now gone, but what are units 10 & 11?
  • zara5034
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    Hi There

    These books are still available, they are level 4. Unit 10 is now the ICAS project and unit 11 is Financial Statements. The books are free but if they require posting then I will charge for posting only.

    I would stress that the project requirements have changed slightly since the unit 10 book was written, however it is still a very good guide to the style of writing that needs to be adopted.

    The Financial Statements book seems to be exactly the same as more recent additions.

    I have also got some books for sale, I thought I'd started a thread, however it seems to have disappeared, the books for sale are BPP and Kaplan question/answer banks, which are basically full of exam style questions aimed at the CBTs, I found them invaluable. Again this is Level 4

    Please let me know if you have any questions
  • Jonno1
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    Hello Zara,
    I replied to a previous posting on your unit 4 books. What year are the unit 18 business tax books (if you have them?)
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