Balanacing charges on partnership cessation

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Help would be grateful, as I am going around in circles on this one.

Year End 31.3.11
I have a three way partnership that ceased 24 .12.10, 1 partner left to be sole trader, leaving two.

My query is

At cessation the partnership have two vans valued at £7200 and £1200, annual investment allowances have been claimed in full on both vehicles previous year.

The sole trader is having the £1200 van , the £7200 is remaining with the two.

Does the three way partnership have to pay a balancing charge of £1200 + £7200.?

Then the sole trader can claim the £1200 as AIA.

The new two way partnership claims the £7200 off their profits.

Have I over complicated this? I have in the back of my mind that when 1 partner leaves. a new partnership is then formed.
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