Desperate Quickbooks help...PLEASE

Blonde Accountant
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Hi, I am desperately hoping that someone can help me with this. I use the Quickbooks accounting system on my computer, but recently I bought a new machine. All of my Quickbooks stuff has been backed up, but I can't access it on my new computer. It keeps telling me to register, but it won't let me. Does anyone know of a way around this like an activation key or something.

Grateful for anything right now

Thanks for reading


  • Claire321
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    I expect you need the installation key (number) but I would have thought the program would ask/propmt you for this.

    I remember when we used it at a previous employer we had enter the installation key everytime we installed it another computer or laptop. Our key was on the CD box the disk came in. It shouldn't be a problem installing it onto another computer as the software should allow you to install it as many times as you wish. The single user licence works by only let one person / computer login to the program at any one time.

    You might be able to access the activation key on you old computer, if you still have it, under the setting / about Quickbooks tab.
  • Tiger
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    I had this problem and so long as the quickbooks version you are using is still supported and you registered your details you will be able to get the activation key from the helpline.

    The problem I had was that original disk was a slightly older unsupported version and when I reinstalled it my back ups wouldn't work as they had been created in an updated version (via autoupdates), as it was no longer supported i couldn't open my backups on the new PC without buying the up to date full software package from them. Very crafty way of getting you to buy the new version...

    I didn't as I was pretty upset at the time, converted to VT on new PC and just kept my old pc for if I ever need to look at quickbooks.. Never looked back!

    Hope you've got it sorted

  • Monsoon
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    Phone them up. I reinstalled my PC about 2 years ago, and I run QB2005 which at that point was no longer supported. They gave me a licence key over the phone. Might work.
  • Blonde Accountant
    Blonde Accountant Registered Posts: 86 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Thank-you all for the help, fortunately the code was still installed on the notepad of my old machine, so my computer genius hubby managed to retreive it. So relieved!!
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