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Hi there - I wonder if anyone can offer me any advice.
I have recently finished and passed my AAT and have been working in bookkeeping for coming up to 2 years. I am beginning to feel that I am ready to take the plunge and start looking for my own accounts - however I am suffering from a lack of confidence - which I think is very typical from reading some of the posts. I still ask questions and am likely to in the future - and what worries me is by working for myself I won't have anyone to refer to. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Also looking forward to the future, I would also like to do tax returns for sole traders/small companies - for which I have absolutely no experience. I am thinking of maybe looking into doing ATT exams but would definitely have to get experience by working in practice. Due to my family commitments, I am only able to work part time at the moment and am wondering whether I am being very realistic in being able to find a job working for an accountant where I can do bookkeeping and he/she can train me up to do tax returns!!

Any advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated!



  • Bluewednesday
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    I work part time and started with my current employer whilst I was doing intermediate/level 3 of AAT with no previous experience in accounts. So yes it can be done!

    Don't worry about asking questions, we all still do, as someone who helped me recently said, it's easy if you know the answer but unless you've done it before you may not know! Ask away and don't feel bad about it.

    I do think ATT is a good idea though, if only for that confidence!!
  • NickyW
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    Have not been onto the forum for a while - just wanted to say thank you for getting back to me!
    Think I will go along the ATT route and hopefully got an interview soon with a chartered accountant so hopefully will get some more experience!!
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