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I've had an advert in a local business feature in our local paper this weekend and have had a few phone calls this morning :) Just had an unusual one, the opening line of the call was:

"Can I speak to one of the Chartered or Certified Partners please"

When I explained to him that I was qualified with one of the none chartered bodies he seemed somewhat less interested! Took an initial quote from me but I don't expect to hear from him again!

Has anyone else had this happen because we are "only" AAT not Chartered? Does a £50,000 turnover partnership need a chartered? I think the AAT more than covers what I'll need for it!


  • Monsoon
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    Glad to hear the feature is working for you!

    We get this very occasionally. We all know that for that level of business (and much more), the AAT is just fine. Some members of the public operate under the misconception that they have to use a chartered accountant. That's fine. If I get the opportunity I get in my usual spiel of "We're not chartered or certified, we are qualified with the AAT, which is one of the UK's leading non-chartered accountancy bodies, and we're fully licenced to do the type of work you require." That usually does the trick, but some people want a chartered. That's fine. There's more than enough work to go around.

    Good luck with getting some more converted enquiries :)
  • jow774
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    Sadly I have had a couple of these. People I seem to get think that to be an accountant you need to be chartered, I think they would be very suprised to learn that there are high street practices out there without any qualifications. This sort of thing is what put the lid on me trying to be an mip, luckily I got a job in practice and that is keeping me going at the moment.

    In theory though we are certified, we have a certificate and if you are an mip you are certified surely?
  • Monsoon
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    Certified means ACCA, or another body with Certified in the name (I believe). Though yes, by yuor logic Jow we are indeed certified with a lower case C.....

    Though given that clients ask for an "annual audit" and banks ask for "audited accounts" really, Joe Public doesn't know what it all means anyway!

    Jow, sorry to hear you canned the MIP thing, but I'm glad you've got a job in practice, that's great news.
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