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Just a quick query really.

Do you remind clients of their deadlines etc or do you leave it to the client to know.

I always let my clients know the filing deadlines for Companies House & tax etc however, a lot of my clients that I just do the bookkeeping for their Accountants seem to leave it as a surprise.

For some reason I was checking Companies House and noticed that one was due accounts on 30/09/11 so I email and checked that was all in hand and basically got the news that nothing was started and all info was needed. I only picked this client up at the start of this year and believed everything was in hand. He is the type of client that busts a gut to give you everything you require asap so I do beleive he wasn't informed.


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    Yes, I remind my clients.

    Yes, it is their job to know, but in reality, come on, that's why clients pay us. :)

    I will ask for info once their year end has passed, and chase a couple of times. I will only ask so many times though.

    I can't believe some accountants don't ask (ok, I can) but really - if a client brings their books in, that means they are paying us. Getting money in is a good thing! Also, who wants a load of time-pressured late work?!
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    I totally agree with Moonson. I alot of clients do forget deadlines but from their point of view, many are concentrating on dealing with the actual day to day running of their buisnesses and these deadlines just get forgotten.

    I think reminders form part of the level of service & care that I like to provide to my clients.
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    Thank you for your responses, starting to wonder why people aren't 'helpful' to clients but I will be as helpful as poss.
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