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Hi everyone,

Which books do you recommend for level 4?xx


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello staceyx

    I used BPP and found them very clear and easy to follow. I can't really comment on any other text books but am sure other students will provide feedback on the texts that they use such as Osborne, Kaplan etc.

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  • uknitty
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    I've used Osborne books for tutorials and bought BPP question banks for additional questions.
  • jenny3549
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    I use the Kaplan books which I do prefer as their layout for calculations always seem easier to follow for me than the BPP books. Saying that I get the Osborne book also just to make sure I've covered everything and for extra practice.

    It's really personal taste I suppose!
  • oh confused one
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    It is better to see what the tutors are using as they have a preference - also some colleges can get the books a lot cheaper.
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