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Could I ask how every one keeps themselves up to date with things changing in the accounting world!? I do various CPD events with both AAT and CIMA, plus get updates from other businesses that specialise in accountancy areas, however, I still seem to come across new things all the time!

Do you pay for such events via other businesses?
Pay for adhoc online courses? Can you recommend any?

Many thanks


  • T.C.
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    I do alot of reading and use the free materials from the AAT website. You can also learn by reading some of these threads!
  • Bluewednesday
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    I work in practice and we use Mercia training for their VAT/Tax/accounting standard updates as they are very reasonably priced and exceptionally good!!

    Just 4 courses usually covers about 12 hours of my verifiable CPD. Also ACCA do lots of articles that you can work through, answer questions on and this counts towards verifiable as well. I presume you can only access that as a member but you may find you can access it too.

    Does CIMA do anything similar? Also don't you have to keep yourself up to date on your tutoring which you can use? I presume you are following CIMA's CPD route but I'm not sure what that is!
  • deanshepherd
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    I sign up to Tolleys courses each year. 10 sessions for £525 which is not bad, although some are a bit repetitive.
  • ademoore
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    Thanks for your response everyone.

    I see mercia and tolleys seminars are only on Monday, which is a huge shame as I just can't make that day of the week due to other commitments. There is an online solution I see, so will look into that more!!

    Thanks again!
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