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Hello everyone

I have just started level 4 through college after home study for level 2 and 3. I am really really nervous as I am so used to doing this at my own pace. I'm sure I will settle down pretty soon though.
I am so worried about this project we have to do, can anyone give me more information as to what to expect.
What will be involved, in fact as much info as you can give me.
Many thanks :)


  • emma89
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    Hi, I didn't think the project was too bad, its just a pain because so much information has to go in . Everybody said to me don't leave it until last minute which i ignored then really regretted at the end. I wouldn't worry about it though I think they may be a checklist on the AAT site (with the practice CBA's) just check that when your writing that all the points are covered with as much information as you can (the scope is pretty wide). Hope this calms your nerves a little, enjoy!
  • jane
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    Thanks Emma for your reply. I keep telling myself not to worry too much until I get the case study. I will take your comments on board especially the bit about not leaving it too long! I have done that with finishing off two outstanding sims at intermediate, and am still to complete it, I have some extra questions to do but hopefully get it all done and out the way by the end of this week. I so need to pass this to be able to knuckle down with Level 4!! , please keep fingers crossed :O)
  • babsa
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    OMG this was me last year. once you get into your project you will be fine. If you search project or ICAS you will find alot of information on this forum. Good Luck. It is hard work but well worth it.
    I am now MAAT. :)
  • GreenMousey
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    The best advice I can give you is when you get your case study and fill in the "planning document" be as detailed as you can because the more detailed you are there the more you can transfer that to your end project which saves a lot of time and work in the long run. It's not a hard project to do...per say but it is a lot of what I call wordy work.
    I had a Kaplan book that talked me through each section, what to put where and I followed that which helped layout and structure.

    Good luck! :)
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