Appealing HMRC underpaid tax

Diddy Mau
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I have been sent a tax bill for underpaid tax.
At the time, in a previous job, I had a company vehicle, of which they provided on day one. I filled out all paperwork given to me, and I was informed I would be taxed on this vehicle, so I was allowed to use it. The company did not tax me correctly for this and now I am being landed with the tax bill.
I was fully employed by the company, I was not self employed. So I was wondering, if anyone has had this problem and do I have a case to appeal?
I believe this is the fault of my old company and not mine.


  • Claire321
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    Were you sent a change of tax code notice from HMRC at all once you joined your previous company? Was you tax code ever changed since you started employment with them, or were you always taxed on the standard tax code (e.g 647L for 2010-11)?

    It might not be your previous employers fault, they are obligated to use whichever tax code is issued for an employee, by HMRC. It maybe that the forms you completed wern't received / processed by HMRC, therefore a revised tax code might not have been issed to your employer and hence your wern't taxed correctly.
  • Diddy Mau
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    Hi Claire,
    this original one was for 2008/09.
    when I phoned up, I was also undertaxed for 2009/10. but over for 2010/11, this was only because I left to go to college to change careers (hence, me being on here)
    As I remember, I never received anything from the HMRC, I cant remember if my tax code changed or not.
    my issue is, if I was still there the tax bill would be 3x what it is now.
    I thought the employer had to tell HMRC if I had a company car, so then my code would change. the whole time I was there they havent charged me a penny
  • zara5034
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    It should have been reported on a P11D form, this is provided that you took the car home at night and that it wasn't a pool car that you just had access to?

    Upon recipt of the P11D's HMRC should adjust your tax code accordingly.

    Have you tried going back to the company's accounts/payroll department and asking them?
  • Diddy Mau
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    I haven't tried that one Zara, might give it a go.
    The problem is whether or not the company can recall this information, especially sice I haven't worked thier in over a year
  • Monsoon
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    See here for whether you can appeal and how to.

    This has happened a lot recently, to too many people.
  • Diddy Mau
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    thanks Monsoon,
    I will look into this.
    After I posted this I got an e-mail from the Branch meetings I have attended saying the same thing.
    I think it's one way of getting money back in the pot.

    If I have to pay thats fine, not happy but fine.
  • Bluewednesday
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    If the benefit was reported correctly then they have not made timely use of the information that they had. I managed to appeal for a client(but had to do it twice) and eventually they backed down, the situation was similar to yours.

    I used the templates in the cheapaccounting link that Monsoon has provided.
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