Does anyone know the facts about how CCJ's can affect your AAT and further studies?

Basically, an ex boyfriend had a phone contract which I (stupidly) got for him in my name in 2006. I've now received a letter from a debt collection agency for £757. £600+ of this being an early termination fee as he didn't pay his bills.

I've phoned them and explained it was for him and I'm in the process of trying to get him to sort it out. I know that they won't give me too much time however and he's taking as long as possible.

I know that if you do receive CCJ's you can have your qualification's removed. Is this for debt you have received whilst studying or would this be different as it is from before I began working in Accountancy?

I know I'm probably going to have to end up paying it but would rather fight my case a bit first and possibly try to get the total amount reduced.


  • jamieleeuk
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    Prop against forum rules plugging another site, but it might be able to help in your fight against paying the phone bill (though it's in your name so you rightly say you'll more than likely have to pay it). Pop your story onto a new thread at the consumer action group website and see if someone can't help you out a little. The guys on there helped me recoup PPI premiums.
  • Monsoon
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    You have to inform the AAT, but under the circumstances I can't see it being a major problem. Good luck getting it resolved.

    Speak to the CAB as well. Also, you could take him to small claims court. Maybe. That probably doesn't help the CCJ issue though.
  • Esme
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    Thanks both of you for your help.

    I'll contact both of those and see how I get on!
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