Self Employed and Childcare vouchers

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Hi all,

I just need to get some clarificatrion on this issue before I go back to my client with the answer I already have. Situation is this.

Client approached me as one of their "business friends" has told them they could cut down their tax and ni bill by claiming £220 p/mth as vouchers towards the cost of childcare as long as they offer it to the rest of their employees. Apparently this friend is already doing it and I'm not sure who it is or how they are set up, obviously isn't a problem if it's a ltd company and he's being paid a wage!

I've had a look through past threads and also online as I know there are a few unhappy SE peeps out there who think it unfair (I do agree to some extent) as we don't get the same benefits as employed!

So can you tell me if I am correct to say no to my client unless he wishes to go Ltd, pay himself a wage or has something changed in legislation which now allows it and I have somehow missed it?!

Thanks in advance


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