Continuity of Practice Nominee

sazza Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸

Can anyone help, I am trying to find someone who can be my continuity of practice nominee. I live in Bassingham, Lincoln.

Many thanks in advance.


  • Fireraiser
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    I can't help as i'm in South Wales, but do you have a local AAT branch? Maybe you could approach them and see if there are others in the same situation. You could come to a reciprocal arrangement.
  • Shirls3108
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    I live in North Lincolnshire and am looking for a Continuity of Practice nominee too. Is there anything that says we can't act for each other, or have you managed to find someone?
  • sazza
    sazza Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸


    Many thanks for your replies, I found my nominee yesterday. In the end I used the MIP directory and found someone not far from where live who was willing to help.

    Just waiting for AAT now.

    Thanks again
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