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I have recently join with MIP scheme. Can any advise me on how to find clients?


  • burg
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    Firstly congratulations and good luck

    Lots of different methods and many people find different things successful.

    My experiences are:-

    Yellow pages - has never really worked for me
    Local Parish Magazines - not bad for the price but get about one client a year
    Newspapers - expensive and very hit and miss
    Google adwords (with website) - my best source of new clients by far. Had four new enquiries on Wednesday worth about £3k if all get signed up. This has given me growth over the last 18 months of over 70 clients. Does cost me a fair bit per month but I can chop and change it as I like and I have only had one month where ROI has been negative. Average is around 10 times ROI.

  • Paul C
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    Good luck. :-)
  • Good Boy
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    Dear Paul & Ian,

    Thank you very much for your advise, I'll definatley put on google, becasue it seems like working.

    Keep in touch.

    Thank you very much once again.

    Kind regards,

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