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Has anyone else used the Quickbooks online version yet? I love the desktop version but I took on a new client a few months ago who likes to be able to access his customer data from any computer and wanted to do some of the bookeeping himself so it seemed like a good idea to use quickbooks online but TBH I'm finding it such a headache to use. Slow, confusing, can only access one screen at a time - it's taken me AGES to enter the information and I've cursed the whole way through.
Am I being over dramatic? will i get used to it? will it get better quickly? or should i just get him to do his sales side online and then re-enter the data on a desptop version of normal quickbooks on his PC? seems silly to be paying for 2 versions of accounts software and entering the invoices twice though. aaaaarrrghhhh don't know what to do!!


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    Accounts Preparation Software

    Dear Members,

    Can you guys recomend any of sort of accounts preparation software?
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